Welcome to Holborn Community Cooks!

We are Holborn’s most unique catering social enterprise, whose vision to use world food as a tool for local economic regeneration.

volunteers at holborn festival

Through vocational training and recruitment for catering, hospitality, and general business skills, we aim at empowering local people.

Our unique selling points are, firstly, the authentic tastes and the quality of our delicious freshly made diverse food, and secondly, our social model, which specifically targets vulnerable communities in Holborn.

Although many hospitality businesses flourish in Holborn, few are directly intended to support the most marginalised groups in the community.

As such, we are unique in the area!

What we do:

  • We pride ourselves in serving the most unique cuisine across the world
  • Empower and enable local women to find work or start their own small business in the hospitality sector
  • Contribute to local economic and social regeneration through community development and integration
  • Serve wholesome, delicious, & diverse food with a social topping!

Chickpea Curry

Delicious, authentic, warm, diverse and fresh